The Westlake Business Incubator was initially created and funded by a core group of business people from the Westlake community. These Investors wanted to create an opportunity for kids that would ignite the same entrepreneurial passion that fueled so many of them as young business leaders across industries, by sharing real world business experiences and lessons learned. The initial Investors partnered with Eanes ISD, raised funds, built a state-of-the-art classroom and, with a curriculum based on the Lean Start-Up program, began their first class in the 2016-2017 academic year. They enlisted more than 60 industry experts from the community to be volunteer Mentors and Coaches. This inaugural effort will culminate in Pitch Night, on May 19, as student entrepreneurs present their startup ideas and projects for actual funding from a panel of Austin business leader investors.

Soul SensorIMG_8405 (1)

To parents of young children who need a device that helps you protect your child, Soul Sensor is Bluetooth connected weight sensor that will alert you if your child is left in the car because we care about the safety of your children.

Carolyn Cooper, junior
Wimberley Kerbow, senior
Sarah Maredia, junior
Jack Powell, junior
Talia Selsky, senior

Mentor: Steve Warner

HighFive ProtectionIMG_4441 (1)

To female runners who need to feel safer while running, HighFive Protection is the only personal protection device that delivers protection and comfort all the time because no one should ever have to trade peace of mind for convenience.

Caleb Feste, senior
Matthew Gense, senior
Ely Knaupe, senior
JT Natenstedt, senior
Barry Sun, senior

Mentor: Mitch Johnson

Herban TeesIMG_5952 (1)

To people who want a greener community, Herban Tees is the T-shirt company that allows to you purchase a soft, environmentally friendly, Austin-themed T-shirt paired with a pouch of seeds because we want Austin to be the most beautiful, clean, and connected city.

Jimmie Fields, senior
Jarrod Jacobson, senior
Claire Jackson, senior
Rebecca Lin, junior
Emily Link, senior
Julia Lyssy, senior

Mentor: Kelly Spillane


Food2IMG_7967 (1)

To parents who need quick and healthy children’s lunches, Food2 is the school lunch service that provides customizable, tasty, and wholesome meals because everyone deserves a nutritious lunch.

Raden Bowerman, senior
Hunter Gomez, junior
Bayley Shipley, senior
Luisa Vargas, senior
Jenna Vasek, junior

Mentor: Darren Trumeter

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