Trend ID
To people with medical issues that need others to be aware, TrendID is the medical ID jewelry that allows a sense of safety for the wearer all while still being fashionable.

TrashBots leverages commonly found objects to develop highly affordable science and engineering kits with an artistic twist to empower teachers and students everywhere, especially in underprovided communities

To golf courses who need to conserve water and money, AOMS provides Raindrops, the hybrid wetting agent that retains water in grass and reduces overall costs, because we’re dedicated to save money and Planet Earth too.

To pet owners around the world who need an inexpensive and convenient alternative to getting supplies MIY Pet is the online supplier that customized products to your pet’s needs while saving you money because we treat your pet like a MIY Pet.

To students who need money, a helping hand, or want to get involved, YourStop is the application that puts all these opportunities on one filterable feed, because together each student can accomplish more.

ONCWEE is the online video archive that reliably uploads high quality videos of high school athletics so busy parents will never have to miss out on that special moment with their child.

College LinQ
To high school students and parents who struggle with the college application process, College LinQ is the mobile app that streamlines and simplifies college applications by providing tools such as timelines, live chats and more. As students we’ve been there and understand the hardships college applications bring, so let us LINQ you to your dream school.

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